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The intelligence trap, why smart people make dumb mistakes, David Robson - hardcover

"An eye-opening examination of the stupid things smart people do--and how to cultivate skills to protect ourselves from error."--From book jacket
Table Of Contents
The downsides of intelligence : how a high -- IQ, education, and expertise can fuel stupidity -- The rise and fall of the termites : what intelligence is ; and what it is not -- Entangled arguments : the dangers of "dysrationalia' -- The curse of knowledge : the beauty and fragility of the expert mind -- Escaping the intelligence trap : a toolkit for reasoning and decision making -- Moral algebra : toward the science of evidence-based wisdom -- Your emotional compass : the power of self-reflection -- A bullshit detection kit : how to recognize lies and misinformation -- The art of successful learning : how evidence-based wisdom can improve your memory -- Tortoises and hares : why smart people fail to learn -- The benefits of eating bitter : East Asian education and the three principles of deep learning -- The folly and wisdom of the crowd : how teams and organizations can avoid the intelligence trap -- The makings of a "dream team' : how to build a supergroup -- Stupidity spreading like wildfire : why disasters occur - and how to stop them
Literary Form
non fiction
First American edition.
Physical Description
viii, 323 pages, illustrations, 25 cm


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