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Black ops, W.E.B. Griffin

The first disturbing report reaches Presidential Agent Charley Castillo as he sits down for Christmas Day dinner. The caller on the Virginia safe house's secure line confirms that an investigative reporter working for Castillo's European newspapers - and snooping after German and Russian thieves involved in the Iraqui Oil-for-Food scandal - has been brutally murdered in Marburg. Next comes the call from the director of National Intelligence, who asks whether Castillo knows anything about the Kuhls - an austrian couple serving as Central Intelligence Agency deep-cover assets since World War II - who have just been found dead in a Vienna park, strangled by stainless-steel garrotes. And withing hours Castillo learns of two assassination attempts that occurred on Christmas Eve: against U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Jack Britton and his wife in Philadelphia, and against Gendarmeria Nacional Comandante Liam duffy and his wife and children in Buenos Aires. All narrowly escaped automatic-weapons fire from assailants unknown - unknown except for the fact that the hits were professional. -- Inside book jacket
Literary Form
Map on lining papers
Physical Description
453 pages, map, 24 cm

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