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Brick flicks, a comprehensive guide to making your own stop-motion LEGO movies, Sarah Herman - paperback

Turn your bricks into blockbusters with this movie-making guide! You've seen the smash-hit film; now it's time to step into the director's chair and make your own. Forget big budgets, A-list movie stars, and exotic locations--this comprehensive guide will show you how to make a stop-motion movies using little more than a camera, a computer, and your own LEGO collection. From picking out the right gear, planning a story, and setting up shots, to animating minifigures, editing, and promoting your film online, Brick Flicks has enough tips and tricks to turn a popcorn prentice and into an Oscar-worthy wizard. Along with a brief history of brick-films, official LEGO shows, movies, and associated products, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise from some of the most popular brick-film producers out there, this is a must-have purchase for any budding directors, young or old, who want to turn their box of bricks into flicks.--Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Bricks on film -- Getting started -- Lighting your set -- Preparing your studio -- How to animate -- Filmmaking and storytelling -- Editing and adding effects -- Uploading and promoting your films
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xvi, 206 pages, color illustrations, 26 cm

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