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The everything kids' science experiments book, boil ice, float water, measure gravity- challenge the world around you!, Tom Robinson

Table Of Contents
Biology: Water colors -- Falling leaves -- Hole-y walls -- Animals: Light fright -- Animal camouflage -- Science fair project: biology -- Chemistry: Chemical properties: Boiling ice -- Floating grape -- Floating water -- Chemical reactions: Red cabbage indicator -- Raw egg peeler -- Foaming at the mouth -- Cleaning pennies -- Science fair project: chemistry -- Physics: Motion: Seesaw -- Water balloon toss -- Corners -- Balloon rocket -- Energy: Magnetic electricity -- Bird cage -- Colors of light -- Science fair project: physics -- The planet Earth: Acid rain -- Mini volcano -- Land warmer -- The sky above us: Space of air -- Seasons in the sun -- Science fair project: earth science -- The human body: The five senses: Hot and cold -- Tasteless medicine -- Cyan, black, and yellow -- Human machine: Deep breath -- Action-reaction -- Blind balance -- Science fair project: human body
Literary Form
non fiction
Includes index
Physical Description
ix, 133 p., ill., 24 cm.

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